Stamp File

Enter a file or a Content ID to create a vStamp:

Drag and drop your file here to have its Content ID calculated
or click to browse for one

All calculations are done within your browser, and the file remains private. You can also calculate the Content ID externally and paste it into the box below.

View or Input Content ID

For generic files, the Content ID is the SHA-3 / Keccak256 hash of the file's contents. You can calculate it yourself, for example using soliditysha3 / keccak256.

Once the Content ID is defined, press the following button to create the vStamp:

vStamp History

Once you add a file or Content ID, any existing vStamps will appear here.

vBase Account

View or Input a vBase API key

The vBase API key defines the identity of the stamping account.


Once you add a vBase API key, the corresponding account information will appear here.

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